Tim Davis Bio

He’s been called the Bob Dylan of Christian Music. His honest and self-revealing but sometimes in-your-face lyrics have been compared to such legends as Larry Norman, Randy Stonehill, and Rich Mullins. With diverse influences that span the spectrum from America to ZZTop, from Avett Brothers to the Zombies, from Amos Lee to ZZ Ward, Tim’s music is an eclectic mix of styles that has a familiar sound but with an original twist. Take a decent helping of Southern Rock, add generous measures of Folk, Blues, and Country, toss in some Progressive Rock and a smidgen of Metal then mix well. What you get is a modern and original Indie Rock sound paired with meaningful lyrics that encourage you to reflect on your own values and worldview.

My mission is to:
Awaken and Challenge the Religious 
Encourage and Embolden the Righteous 
Connect and Affirm the Hopeless 
and above all 
Praise and Glorify the Highest

Soli Deo Gloria
Tim Davis